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Vacuum Plodder

  • Duplex-PlodderPlodders are widely used in the manufacture of soaps, detergents, mosquito coils etc.
  • The plodders are made in different configurations viz.
  1. Single Worm Simplex Plodder
  2. Twin Worm Simplex Plodder
  3. Single Worm Duplex Plodder
  4. Twin Worm Duplex Plodder
  • The Worms are made of SS / MS / EN 8 constructions either casted or solidly fabricated
  • Pitch distances are variable and reducing fashion to produce compact soap bars
  • The Clearance between the worm and barrel will be 1-2 mm on all sides
  • The plodder is provided with jackets for cooling water circulation
  • Spider plates are provided with PTFE supports to ensure worms rest at centre
  • The end bearings are designed with adequate sturdiness for longer running life
  • Twin Worm plodders are provided with left and right gear drives through external or inbuilt mono-block gear boxes
  • Seamless or ERW pipes are used for barrel construction
  • End seals are fitted with glands for vacuum sealing
  • Vacuum chamber is made of SS 304 with toughened view glasses
  • The conical mouth is fitted with different output options
  • Heater is provided at the front edge of the conical mouth for better extrusion and  bar finish
  • Easy removal system for extrusion dies
  • Water ring vacuum pump is provided as optional accessory

Types of Plodder

1. Single Worm Duplex Vacuum Plodder

  • single worm duplex vacuum plodderSingle Worm Duplex Vacuum Plodder Produces Compactly Finishes Soap Bar
  • Top Stage Known As Preplodder Extrudes the Soap As Noodles/pellets
  • Noodle From the Preplodder Is Passed to the Vacuum Chamber
  • Soap in the Vacuum Chamber Is Plodded Out As Compact Bar
  • Product Contact Parts Are Made of SS 304
  • Top Plodder Is Driven by one Motor and Gear Box Bottom Plodder with another Motor
  • The Barrels of the Plodder Are Jacketed for Chilled Water Circulation
  • End Cone with Taper Mouth Is Fitted with Heating Jacket for Smooth Plodding
  • Vacuum Chamber Is Fitted with Wing Nuts for Easy Open/close and View Glasses
  • Heavy Duty Thrust Bearings Are Provided for the Worms to Withstand Extruding Load

2. Twin Worm Duplex Vacuum Plodder

  • Twin Worm Duplex Vacuum PlodderTwin Worm Duplex Vacuum Plodder Refines the Soap Mixture to Smooth Bars
  • Duplex Plodder Comprise of Pre Plodder and Final Plodders Driven Individually
  • The Mixture Is Extruded by Twin Screws in Pre plodder Orifices of Noodle Plate
  • Rotary SS Shredders on Worms Cut Equal Lengths Noodles & Pass to Vacc.Chamber
  • Vacuum Chamber Connects the Pre Plodder and Final Plodder with Openable Lid
  • Final Plodder Compacts the Soaps to A Fine Finished Bar by Its Conical Jacket Mouth
  • Twin Cylindrical Barrel Made of SS 304/ MS and Precision Machined Inners
  • Barrel Is Constructed with Thick Back Flanges to Match to the Twin Output Gearbox
  • The Barrel Is Jacketed and Pressure Tested for Chilled Water Circulation
  • Twin Screws Are of 300 mm Dia Each with Left and Right Flutes with Reduction Pitch
  • Screws Are Solidly Casted SS 304, X Ray Tested with Flights for Positive Extrusion
  • The Worm Shaft Is Supported at the End Through Heavy Duty Thrust Bearing Housing
  • One Motor at the Top Stage and another Motor at the Bottom Stage
  • Double extrusion mouth with Heating system

3. Single worm Simplex Plodder

  • The Single Worm Simplex Plodder Is Used for Bar Extrusion Or Noodling
  • Simplex Plodder Refines the Mixed Mass Through Noodle Plate of Specified Diameter
  • Driven by Crompton/Kirloskar Motor Through Suitable Gear Box
  • Elecon/ Radicon/Santhi Make Gear Box Is Used for Speed Reduction
  • Product Contact Parts Are Made of SS 304 / MS. Barrel Is Made of SS / MS Pipe
  • Worms with Reduction Pitch Are SS 304 Casted and Tested
  • Option of Cone with Heater Arrangement Or Noodle Plate Is Provided
  • Worm Is Supported at the Barrel Center Through Teflon Bush Pins
  • The Barrel Is Jacketed for Chilled / Cooled Water Circulation
  • Basic Frame Is Made of Sturdy MS Base and Covered Suitably
  • The Worms Are Easily Removable and Refittable by the Triple Teeth Coupling
  • End Thrust Bearing of Heavy Duty in Nature Provides Longer

4. Twin worm Simplex plodder

  • Twin worm simplex plodder / Pelletizer takes up refines the material from mixer
  • The mixture is extruded by twin screws through the fine orifices of noodle plate
  • Twin cylindrical barrel made of highthick SS 304/ MS and precision machined inners
  • Barrel is constructed with thick back flanges to match to the twin output gearbox
  • The barrel is jacketed and pressure tested for chilled water circulation
  • Twin screws left and right flutes are designed with reduction pitch
  • Screws are solidly casted SS 304, X ray tested with flights for positive extrusion
  • Spider plates support the screws with SS pin and Teflon bush supports
  • The worm shaft is supported at the end through heavy duty thrust bearing housing
  • Main motor : Crompton / Kirloskar make 1440 rpm 3 phase
  • Helical Gear box-Radicon/Santhi/Elecon fitted with sturdy double output gear box
  • Rotary SS shredders fitted on worms cut equal lengths of noodles