Rotary Vane Feeders

Rotary Vane Feeders Our company offers clients the precision engineered rotary vane feeders. It is classified either as feeders or air locks that depend upon the application whether the regulated feed only required or feed and air tight boundary between up stream and down stream. Size and shape of the pocket for easy flow is based on the material characteristics. As required, the rotor designs are available as closed rotor or open rotor. The popular versions of the feeders are Drop Trough, Blow Trough and Offset Inlet & Outlet. It is highly efficient and can be used for heavy duty, standard duty and light duty. Our rotary vane feeder’s inlet / outlet opening are available in circular, square or rectangular shape.

Technical specifications of rotary vane feeder include following:

• M.O.C. of the valve is made of M.S., C.I., S.S. engineering polymer and combination

• Sizes 75 mm dia to 1200 mm dia

• Capacity range 1.0 Kg / Hr to 100,000 Kg/Hr

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